Goodness is within your reach

And true wisdom is the hand that can reach it for you.

This is how Dr Horace D Hummel defined wisdom:

“On the objective side, and on the most elemental level, it [wisdom] is the “natural law”, an all embracing cosmic order, immanent in all existence, and by which everything is ruled and governed. Subjectively, it is the awareness of these universal, eternal norms and the ordering of one’s life and behaviour accordingly.”

If we tried to unpack what this definition says and what its implication are, we would arrive at some significant insights that are at the very heart of the whole “Wiseberg” project.

[1] There exists this all embracing cosmic order, it is as real as it can get. This order brings structure and guiding principles both to the creation in a broader sense, as well as to the human society. It is observable and, in fact, during the last several decades we have researched it quite well.

[2] When applied to the humanity we could think about this order as about the Good Design or the ideal blueprint for all the most important aspects of our lives: marriage, family, economic activities, rest and leisure.

[3] This Good Design is not something static or narrow, it is the very opposite, it consists of powerful and dynamics principles, which are woven into the very nature of human being, both on individual and corporate levels.

[4] We can’t escape the reality of this order, these principles, similarly as we can’t escape the force of gravity, but we can explore them, understand them and then try to arrange and lead our lives accordingly.

[5] To be a wise person, or to acquire wisdom is then to know and understand this Good Design and apply it in our lives. In marriage and family. In work and business. In relationships and community.

Now, this is the best, the sweetest part.

Once you have learned this Good Design it gives you wonderful tools, and this is how wisdom is popularly perceived.

Let me illustrate it with a medical analogy. When doctors look at your blood tests, they can tell you straight away which indicators fit the norm, that is, are close to the ideal, and which are not. Then they can recommend what needs to be done to improve your situation.

Wisdom, according to the “Wiseberg’s” definition, functions in the same way. If you have understood the order of creation, this Good Design for human life, relationships and interactions, you can easily spot where something deviates from that goodness. Consequently, you can easily determine what improvements need to be made.

Now, if you know this design, if you can diagnose the current state of things, and if you know how to move from where you are now to where you should be to live well, what does this ability make you?

That’s right. It makes you a wise person.

This is the very idea of the project “Wiseberg”. We have been exploring this Good Design. We have mapped it out. We have systematized these findings and have made them available to everyone who desires to acquire wisdom.

Do you want to be wise in relationships, at work, to be wise leader or wise in family life? Wisdom is waiting for you, ready to enrich your life.

Goodness is within your reach.



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