You are … ‘my precious’.

We may not be thinking about these questions too often, but once we have a time and can reflect on them, I believe we all can relate to what is written below.

There are things in our lives that matter the most, the things that we long for. They are very important for us. We are ready to do so much to have them. Can you guess what are these things?

We are not talking here about material things, whatever big role they may have in our daily lives. We are talking about the things that matter. We are talking here about things immaterial. The things that no money can buy, even if we usually think it can.

So, what are those immaterial things that we all long for, thirst for, work so hart do get them, even if in most cases we can’t even formulate them.

Identity. Who am I? What defines me?

Worth & dignity. Am I worth anything? Am I valuable and respectable a person?

Meaning & purpose. Why am I here? What is my life about?

Acceptance & belonging. Do I belong? Am I accepted?

Security & protection. Do I have enough? Am I in control?

Happiness & joy. Do I enjoy my life? Am I happy?

We do a lot to get these. We often sacrifice a lot. Time. Energy. Money. People. Relationship. Sometimes these are sacrifices of our blood and sweat. Sometimes these are human sacrifices. Sometimes we do things we are ashamed of only to obtain what is the most important, and sometimes we are not even ashamed anymore: if only we can get these…

Our entire lives can be spend toiling for these very special thing, not even being conscious about what we are longing for, and we tend to seek for them in all the wrong places.

Thus, we can’t freely enjoy our lives, works, relationships, because often we use all of them only as means to the end – to establish our ID, to prove our worth, make others to accept us, to provide safety for future…

If we succeed, we may become exceedingly boastful and proud. If we fail, we can be anxious and depressed. And there is no freedom and lightness in either of them.

Now, imagine! Imagine!

Imagine that you have them all. Given as a gift. Secure in your hands. No one can take them away from you. You know who you are, how infinitely precious you are, you know exactly why you are here, and you are comfortably secure about your future, whatever it may bring. How free would you be then? How much would your modus operandi change?

Think about your colleagues, employees or employers, – how different could be their priorities, attitudes, actions, how much freer and enjoyable people they could become. How different our communication and relationship would be? Even our goals and plans, they would most certainly change.

No more unhealthy competition, no more survival of the fittest, meanest, most cunning, etc. No more sacrificing others. No more slandering.

We could spend so much more time and energy trying to make lives of other better and more enjoyable. Invest into support, collaboration, common interests, into making life better for everyone. They world, or at least our organizations would become so much more beautiful places.

The good, no! the great news is that it is possible.

It is already happening. Through deep transformation, when our worldviews are changed, when we begin to see the world through different glasses. When wisdom and the knowledge of the perfect design become our guides. That is when this new life begins.

This is what Wiseberg is about.

To introduce you into this new life. Life wisely lived.


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