For life

Life beautifully lived

Who doesn’t long for it. Wisdom to understand the world. Life beautifully lived. Life filled with meaning and satisfaction. To a certain degree it depends on you, whether you will have it or not. If only we knew what the perfect design for our lives was, if only we strived towards it, it may as well come true.

What is the truest test for every principle, rule or theory, for we can’t test them all, right? Time. Permanence. If something has been proven to be working and delivering the best results again, and again, and again, and thus for millennia… if is safe to assume that it has a great value.

In ten sessions we invite you to reflect on the most fundamental aspects of human existence. The perfect design for your life. Wisdom. Your story. Truth. Balance. Order. Well-being. Relationships. Possessions. Life in community. Contentment. It’s here for you to start a new chapter of your life wisely lived.


The perfect design, or the order of creation is the best observed as we as individuals explore the essential aspects of our being, our longings, our needs, our relationships and life necessities. Wisdom helps to bring them all together in one coherent, well-functioning whole.


It doesn’t matter how you call it. Framework for your life, worldview, world picture, life organizing story or otherwise. What matters is that it gives structure, order and stability to your life. It also answers to the most profound questions about your identity, meaning of life and security of future.


That’s it. Every person has a worldview and each of them contains great portions of truth. However, the closer your worldview is to reality, the more truthful it is, the better it will function.


Between work and rest. It is so important. What is even more challenging, it is not enough simply to stop doing the stuff, – unless your rest is deliberate and active, it may not achieve its purpose.


What a marvellous thing. It goes hand in hand with responsibility. And with authority, and with subordination, and so on. Order delivers right relationships that enable you and others to prosper.


Our physical well-being is very important for life wisely lived. As is the well-being of people around us. Never underestimate the importance of living in human community, and the impact you can make.

Relationships. Marriage. Sex.

These, properly understood and wisely enjoyed, can either lift your whole life up, or they can cause chaos and misery. True wisdom reveals principles that often are very opposites of our contemporary cultural conventions.

Property. Possessions.

We can’t live without them. They can be a blessing, but they can be a curse as well. They can give you freedom, and they can enslave. They possess great power, and much wisdom is needed to master them properly.

Life in community.

Even in our ultra-individualistic age we exist as a part of global human network. This life depends of how others look at us, on trust that leads to opportunities.

Contentment. Gratitude.

Sadly, but it is especially in developed countries, where people have abundance, where they lack happiness and joy. These rare fruits grow in the hearts on those people, who know how to appreciate what they have and what they are.