For relationships

“The Good Design” for relationships

Let’s be frank. We have lost it. We have lost the wisdom how to build and how to live in wonderful, life-long relationships, that on top of joys of companionship and intimacy would also fuel every dimension of our lives. The price for this loss is high and too many among and around us are paying it. It is possible to change this situation, and it is simpler than you may think.

Humanity – what are we.

Ridiculously simple question. However, most people have no idea how to answer it. If we don’t know who we are, we have very limited chances to be happy and live fulfilled lives.

What is wrong with us.

No one doubts something is wrong. The explanations differ. For life-long relationships like marriage is it of utmost importance to know the correct answer and its implications.

3 purposes of marriage.

We need to know them to understand what marriage is and what to expect from it, and how to find suitable spouse.

3 elements of marriage.

Only three. But take even one away, or get even one wrong, and your chances to successful marriage will be significantly reduced. We need all three, and we need them in the right way.

Marriage as our calling.

You don’t have your marriage. You do your marriage. As every responsibility this one too comes with its “job” description.

How to make it work: 2 words.

Yes, one word for husbands and one word for wives. But these two words make all the difference in our marriages.

The gift of sex.

It is a gift, and it is a very good one. But it is not for you. That’s right. There are a few things everyone needs to know to use it properly and for your benefit.

Enjoying it in fullness.

Usually we want more, and we shouldn’t settle for less, when more is, indeed, better. There are dimensions of marriage that can lift it to another level. Go for them!