Project Wiseberg

To make it clear, to be wise doesn’t mean to know all the answers. But what we can teach you is a unique way of looking at the world. Think about this analogy.

When doctors look at your blood tests, they can tell you straight away which positions fit the norm, that is, are close to the ideal, and which are not. Then they can recommend what needs to be done to improve your situation.

Wisdom, according to the Wiseberg’s definition, functions in the same way. If you have understood the order of creation, that is, the good design for human life, relationships and work, you can easily spot where something deviates from the perfection. Consequently, you can easily determine what improvements need to be made.

All the content of Wiseberg’s approach has been organized in seven programs, each of them containing several courses, and prepared for the benefit of three main audiences, – organizations, couples and individuals.

For organizations [consulting]

First of the seven programs contains the most important insights about us in this world. This one is foundational for understanding the whole Wiseberg approach. One must master this one first, to go to any other.

Second contains the most important insights about us as human beings.

Third about work, business and rest.

Fourth about organizations, order, relationships and conflicts.

Fifth about leadership, influence, language and transformation. This one builds on the first four and brings them together creating a masterplan of how to get from where we are to where we could be. This one can be taken only when the first four are completed.

For couples [counselling] 

Additionally, there is one more program that teaches the good design (wisdom) for marital relationships.

For individuals [couching] 

Finally, for individuals, who wish to lead their lives wisely, beautifully and meaningfully, we offer to explore the essential aspects of human existence and thus to create the framework of wisdom for your lives.