Who can learn

One world, one order of creation, one wisdom. Many people and many different contexts. The great value of the wisdom that is summarized in our programs is its universal applicability. You will benefit from it, whoever you are and whatever you do. To maximize your gains our team would offer and prefer to adapt our content for your specific situation, for example:

  • If you are a company desiring to improve your culture, consulting, seminars and couching are all good options.
  • If you are a Christian para-church organization, Wiseberg could provide for you a platform to get everyone on the same page.
  • If you are a Christian highschool you could consider adding an edge to your curriculum by teaching your students something unique and immensely practical.
  • If you are an individual searching for wisdom and looking for ways to be more competitive in your workplace and/or more satisfied with your live, or to prepare for, or improve your marriage, we will gladly journey with you.

Programs adjusted to your situation, seminars, speaking engagements, consulting, couching, – wisdom comes in many forms and abundantly to those who seek it. And to those who dare to explore it, it come bearing rich gifts.