How do we build good foundations? Part II

Jul 29 / Guntars Baikovs
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[a] What are these worldviews?

We can use the metaphor of glasses: of virtual, metaphysical glasses. You know how glasses work. You put them on, look through, and if the glasses are good, they improve your eyesight. If they are bad, however, they distort your view.

All of us human beings have these metaphysical glasses, and most of time they are distorted: for some more, for some less.

Now, imagine that you discovered that you have been seeing this world in a distorted way, that in reality it is much more beautiful and colourful and crisp and attractive. You begin to realize that you may have missed out on many great things and experiences.
This is what good glasses do.
This is what a good and true worldview can do for you. It can make a huge difference. It can make your life so much clearer and more beautiful and more interesting.

[b] How do we get these worldviews?
Think about this: when we are born, we have no idea what this world is about. How do we learn? Who teaches us how to see this world? It’s different at different stages. Perhaps it’s parents, teachers, our community, our friends, the media, books, the internet, etc.

Now, let’s reflect. How often do we ask these questions? - Can I trust those sources? - Are they competent? - Do they know what they are talking about? How often? We seldom do this. We accept most of what we learn in good faith, just believing and trusting.

That’s how we operate because there is so much that we simply can’t verify. But it is important to ask these questions when it comes to really important issues because our worldview influences so much in our lives.

[c] What do our worldviews do?
How do they influence us? Let’s build on the ‘glasses’ metaphor. You have your glasses and that is how you see the world. But it is not just about seeing. Seeing is only one aspect.

It is also about perceiving and interpreting. How you perceive and interpret things determines the choice of your values and priorities and allegiances. These, in turn, determine how you respond to the world. They influence your decision-making, your actions, etc. Basically, your worldview glasses shape your entire life.

[d] Why is this important to talk about them here?
First, more generally, we need to be conscious of our ‘glasses’. And just as with our physical glasses so also with our metaphysical glasses: we need to pursue the best ones available, to get the clearest possible view of the reality in which we live. This is very important if we want to enter serious relationships.

It would be wise to look for someone with similar ‘glasses’, so that both people are seeing and perceiving this world harmoniously. And ideally, of course, we would find ourselves in a partnership where not only do we share similar glasses, but we also both have correct, clear, beautiful and truthful glasses.

To be continued…

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