In the beginning was the Word…
Still is. Always will be.

Today we live is the age of too many words. Technology has changed our lives, it has change our learning. Amount of words, that is, information grows exponentially. However, much information doesn’t mean much understanding.

The very opposite is what we see around us. We are daily bombarded with new theories and models. More and more gurus try to push us around telling what the right way of doing things is according to latest trends. But at the end of the day, instead of clarity, there is more confusion and chaos.

There is a growing need for deeper or higher level of consciousness, that would help us to navigate in this rapidly changing world. That is a consensus of people from all walks of life and very different backgrounds, academic and professional.

We need more than information, for there is super-abundance of it. We need more that knowledge, for it is so fragmented and often contradictory. We need something that would help us to make sense of this world and this life and to stay on top of things.

We need … wisdom.

Likely you have met such people. It is fascinating and a bit awe inspiring to observe how they can see the big picture, assess and analyse different situations, and get to the very heart of complex problems.

How they can come up with clear guidelines for actions, putting in words archetypal truth that we all know intuitively, but cannot express, thus bringing order out of chaos.

It is obvious that they have something more than just information or knowledge. They have got wisdom. They seem to be wearing magic glasses that allow you to see the world differently. To see it clearly as it is, and to know how it is supposed to be.

Many have asked these questions. “Is it something that you must be born with?” “Is it something that comes only with age?” “Is it something that is available only to the privileged?” The answer is no, – it is not.

Wisdom can be learned.

Is it hard to believe? Honestly, a while ago I would have struggled to believed it. Two decades of research and studies in theology, business, education and psychology has led me to affirm something that is as simple as it is profound.

Almost two decades in positions of leadership, in established companies and in start-ups, pioneering industry changing products, and launching award winning services, consulting international businesses and counselling families, has helped me to confirm in practice that it is indeed true and possible.

Wisdom is not a mystery. It can be defined in simple words as the perfect design, as the order of creation, as a set of principles imbedded deeply in the very fabric of humanity. It also means that everyone should be able to observe these principles and to test them.

To be wise, or to possess wisdom, then is nothing else than to understand these very principles and to strive to live accordingly. Today thanks to developments in natural and social sciences we have more proofs than ever that this is true, and even more, – that wisdom works.

You can learn it.
We would be honoured to explore it together with you.