"Two  Fish" 

There are great crowds hungry and thirsty for God's wisdom. Let's see what the Lord of Wisdom can do with our humble gifts! (John 6:9-13)

 Rejoice!  For you will give to support: 

[1] The vision of the Wiseberg Academy, namely – making more wise Christians and more wise communities.
[2] Preparation of the next Wiseberg courses for your enjoyment and blessing:
  • Wisdom 4 Your Life - grounding your life in God’s rich and versatile answers to the key questions of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”
  • Wisdom 4 Workplace – learning how God’s wisdom helps to see and experience differently our work, business, rest, challenges, organizations, authority, relationships, conflicts, leadership, changes, organizational culture, etc.
  • Wisdom 4 Church – embracing the fullness of God’s goodness for His people.
[3] Sharing this wisdom with many and hopefully transforming their lives as well. 
 And all of that with only  "Two Fish"! 

 Rejoice!  For this is what you will gain: 

[1] Joy and satisfaction for generously supporting the Great Commission.
[2] Access to full Wisdom 4 Relationships Course, including:
  • 10 weeks and 10+ hours of joyful wisdom
  • 25+ topics that will give you beautiful blue-print for great relationships
  • Dozens and dozens of insights into mysteries of human nature
  • Challenging questions for reflection and fun quizzes
[3] Belonging to the community of like-minded Wisdom Apprentices
[4] Participation in forums, networking, Q&A, webinars
[5] Articles, interviews, sermons… and hopefully more to come.
 And all of that for  "Two Fish"! 
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