But why wisdom?

Jun 3 / Guntars Baikovs
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Why to choose to study this wisdom? 
Why we may need it today more than ever?

Wisdom has always been thought to be the very pinnacle of what we should strive for. Much more superior than just information, superior than knowledge.

Today the amount of information and knowledge is growing exponentially. But much knowledge doesn’t mean much understanding.  The opposite may be true – as more and more people today cannot see the forest for the trees.

These days we study longer than ever and have more degrees than ever, but we don’t seem to have much wisdom.
And we seem to be less and less happy and less satisfied with our lives…

By research and observation, we can learn how things are, what works and what doesn’t. That is very good. But using that methodology we cannot know how things ought to be in our lives, in our relationships, or in our mundane activities.

Therefore, we all may benefit from a different approach.

From the revealed wisdom.

It gives us upfront the big and coherent picture, the grand story, the forest, and teaches us how things should be.

Those who want to learn – it makes truly wise. Even more, it not only teaches us those deep principles that help us to make sense of this world, it helps to see everything in one harmonious and consistent framework. It enables us to see everything wisely.

This is what we would love you to have.

Come, and taste that the Wisdom is Good!
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