How can you learn this wisdom?

Jun 2 / Guntars Baikovs
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How would it work?

Fine, the whole wisdom concept sounds promising, but – how would you teach me this wisdom? How exactly would you help me to get wise? 

Well, we as human beings, we are not shallow. You are not shallow. You are a very sophisticated being. We all operate on several levels, so to speak.

The surface level is our daily decisions and actions. But they grow out of our values and allegiances and priorities. And they, in their turn, are embedded in the deepest level – our worldview.

What does that mean?
I like this analogy – our worldviews are like “glasses” through which we see this world.

They give us the grand story of the world, what this is all about. They determine how we perceive, and interpret, and understand, and relate and respond to the world.

It is our worldviews that shape our values and loyalties, dreams and hopes, and thus also our entire lives.

Now, if you want to become wise, it is not enough to simply change your behaviour, or to adjust your values and priorities. That is not enough.

You need to change your worldview, the way you see this world, you need to learn how to see things wisely.

This is what we want to teach you. To see this world and everything in your life wisely. This is our mission here at Wiseberg – to teach you this wisdom so that you can receive and enjoy all the blessings and benefits that it may bring you.

So that you can then become like a lighthouse for many others.

Come, give it a try and see where it leads you!
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