Our hopes for you.

Jun 4 / Guntars Baikovs
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What is our "why"?
What drives us? What dreams are we chasing? 
Want difference do we want to make in your lives?

There are several hopes for this whole Wiseberg project. They all have to do with sharing widely this wisdom.

First would be more specifically oriented towards Christians.

We would love our brothers and sisters in Christ to discover new depth of God’s wisdom that is revealed to us. Sadly, but for many their Christian faith has mainly to do with Sundays.
We want to teach how this wisdom can inform and make more exciting and fulfilling our entire lives, every day and every context.

Our relationships, marriages, families, our economic activities – work and business, our leadership roles, responsibilities in the body of Christ, the Church, etc.

Put it this way – we hope to enable you to love your neighbours wiser, to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

But then the other hope is not restricted to Christians only. It is for everyone. We have been blessed to have this incredible wisdom… articulated and available, and the thing is that anyone would benefit from it, Christians and non-Christians alike.

Because it just works…

So, this is what we hope for, that the content of these programs will transform [1] your personal lives, [2] your relationships and [3] all your economic endeavours as well.

And we can get onto it right now, right here! Welcome!
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