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Jun 9 / Guntars Baikovs
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Please, reflect on this!

What do you long for in your personal life? What do you dream about? What would make your life happy and worth living and fulfilled?

Often people say “love” … and then some disagree. The thing is that true love is not just one thing. It comes to us as a bundle deal.

Acceptance. Affection. Belonging. Significance. Commitment. Self-sacrifice. Loyalty. Faithfulness. Meaning. Purpose. Friendship. Mission. Adventures. Joy. Peace. Happiness.

If we ask – what do we long for, then the answer is – all of these. Just bring them on… But, where can we get all these wonderful things? 
Much of this you can have if you are blessed with good marriage. That’s right.

The Bible calls marriage – a mystery; and mystery is something that you can study and explore and practice, but you never know everything. You don’t even know how much remains unknown. It is never a completed project, never exhausted, never fully under our control, there is always more to be found, more to be enjoyed, more to be improved.  

Besides, marriage has this mysterious power – meaning, it can change everything in our lives. And it goes both ways. If we are blessed with great marriage, it will lift our entire life up and up and up. If it goes badly, then it will drag our entire life down into bottomless misery.

Unfortunately, it often does go badly. Most of us would have seen or even experienced it. That scars and scares us. No one wants to have their hearts broken.

Therefore, it is paramount to do our best to get it right. To be very realistic about marriage. These are unique relationships which may last our entire life, which have the power to determine whether our life will be happy or not.

But… and this is really puzzling… just reflect on this! How much are we taught how to have great marriage?

We spend years studying things which we forget shortly after, but who teaches us how to prepare for and how to create the most important relationships in our lives?

So… How can we get it right?

Christians have been blessed to have the Creators’ own wisdom, His own instructions for how to build, nourish and enjoy blessed relationships ­– and how much do we teach it?

How often do we teach superficially; causing more harm than good? How much do we know it? How often do we practice it? How often do we share this wisdom?

This course “Wisdom 4 Relationships” was created with the hope to do a little bit to improve this situation. I cannot promise that you will have great marriage, but I can promise that after this course you will know how to see marriage wisely, what to expect from it and what not to expect.

How to prepare for it, and how to live it. You will know the secrets of what men and women truly long for and where to draw resources so that your marriage would continue to flourish.

If you want to have your shot at having love, and meaning, and joy, and pleasure, and peace, and happiness – then welcome to this very much down to the earth course – God’s Wisdom 4 your Relationships! Find it here!
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