What is this wisdom?

Jun 1 / Guntars Baikovs
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What is this wisdom?

Which definition do we have in mind? And can this wisdom actually be taught and learned?

There are countless definitions for wisdom coming from different fields. We want to be very clear about ours.

This concept is as radical as it is profound and simple. We understand wisdom as the order of creation, as the Creator’s good and wise design for our lives. As a set of principles built deep into the very fabric of human society and in each one of us.

What does this mean practically for you? At least two marvellous things:

First, this wisdom is not something elusive or accessible only to the privileged, or only to the elderly. You can learn it. You can master these deep principles.

Then you will understand much better yourself, people around you, relationships, marriage, leadership, business, work, rest, culture, what this life is about and where we are heading, and so on.

Second, once you know this wisdom, it is like having a super-power

Think about this analogy. Most of you would have blood tests taken. You know how it works. You give you blood, your doctors quickly glance over your results and they can immediately tell if there is something wrong. 

How? Because they know what the norm, or the ideal is. Whatever deviates from it, indicates that there are problems.

See, this wisdom works similarly. If you know this wisdom, this wise and good design of our Creator, then you can assess and evaluate every life situation – relationships, marriages, businesses, leadership, and so on.

It is like to see everything through magical “glasses” that shows you the very essence of things. You can see whether it is healthy and well and what could be done to make things better.

This is what wisdom enables you to do, and we want to teach you this wisdom.

Do you want to know how? Take a look at our first course!
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