Where did we get this wisdom from?

Jun 4 / Guntars Baikovs
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Where did we get this wisdom from? 

What are its sources? 

There is a bit of mystery... 

Probably you have heard about the ancient king Solomon, the wisest person who ever lived. The thing is – we have found his secret diaries...

Not exactly, but it is pretty close. There are three main sources for this project.

The first one is the Book that according to historians created the Western Civilization, that is, the Bible, and especially wisdom theology and creation theology.
The second source is theological insights of Dr Martin Luther, one of the most influential figures of the second millennia and especially his teachings on our places of responsibility, on the power of the Word and of Biblical anthropology, on who we are as human beings.

The third source is the social science of anthropology. It has given us many useful tools, and chiefly for our purposed those are – [1] the concept of worldview and [2] the concept of culture. We will elaborate of this later in our programs.

Finally, in different programs we will refer to research done by contemporary luminaries and thought leaders in their fields such as Brene Brown, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, Paul Hiebert, Edgar Schein, James Collin, Charles Kraft, Robert Waldinger, Shawn Achor, Dan Pink, Brian Schwarz … and many others. 

But, we will do it mainly to demonstrate that today’s cutting-edge discoveries actually point towards the same deep principles that this wisdom gives us.

Wisdom just provides a shortcut for us, and integrates all those many insights into one coherent picture.

So, I think it would be wise, to accept this gift with open arms.

You can do it right here!
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