Which is the wisest worldview? Part I

Aug 6 / Guntars Baikovs
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As has already been stated, our whole project grows out of the Christian worldview: seeing this world through Christian glasses. Now, the important question to ask is, why would we advocate for using these “glasses” and not some other?

The answer is something we could call the three Cs. What are they? Correspondence. Coherence. And finally, Creativity (or creative power)

What does this mean?

These three dimensions offer us a very fine tool to evaluate our worldviews – our “metaphysical glasses” – and to test how good, clear, and precise they are.

As we mentioned previously, our worldviews function like “metaphysical glasses” through which we see, interpret, and respond to this world.

But they are even more than this. We could say your worldview creates for you the world in which you live. Our worldviews are therefore very dear to us: they are like our current home.

This is why it is important to say this upfront: examining our worldviews can be quite a psychologically challenging exercise, because we may be challenged in our deepest assumptions and convictions.

This is never easy. It requires intellectual honesty and courage, but I trust that people who search for wisdom – like yourself – usually possess these attributes.

To be continued…

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